As with most childhood problems, a squint, or “Strabismus” as it is otherwise known, has always been thought to be almost certainly caused either by a nutritional deficiency during the development of the baby in the womb, or damage caused by eating high levels of starchy foods during pregnancy. Also if the child has been given excess starchy foods in his/her formative years.

Although these causes will be contributing factors, Acupressure specialists have now researched further to try to find a more specific and authentic reasons for its cause. Their conclusions confirm that eye squint is manifested as a misalignment due to:

  • Lack of coordination among six major eye muscles
  • Nerve palsy
  • Hypermetropia (long-sightedness)
  • Poor vision in one eye due to cataract or cataract susceptibility
  • Amblyopia (also known as Lazy Eye)

Acupressure has proven a miraculous treatment for patients suffering from this type of eye problem.

Acupressure for squint problems is thought to be one of the best remedies to contribute towards a cure for this problem. HealthPoint acupressure has no side effects, and works with the misalignment to help to heal, with a fundamental technique of exerting charismatic pressure at the specific blood veins from where the squint problem is shooting.

It is best to treat the problem as early as possible. Children aged 3-6 are thought to respond the best to acupressure techniques for this issue, although it is equally safe to use on babies.

HealthPoint is safe to use for any age, even for babies.