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Some questions and answers

Stent In Leg blocked

My husband has had stents put in his legs and they say one of them is blocked he has been using nattokinase and its helped at least they are finding a pulse in his foot. He had to have a toe amputated after a spider bit him and it would not heal because of the blood flow. Which formula would you recommend and please tell me which products are good? I have been using nattokinase with – 8 16oz glasses of water per day. He has minarals and other things his been taking too.

BlockBusterAllclear2 caps x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal. OxySorb a few sprays under his tongue 3-4 times per day Hydrosol silver Gel applied to any areas of his leg that do not look healthy. Stop all starchy carbs, high sugar foods, sodas and processed foods. Only veggies, salads, dark skinned fruits, nuts seeds, beans and fish for now. See Drink 6-8 x 16oz glasses of water per day with 1/3rd teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass to improve blood oxygenation.

Breast Cancer Question

I was diagnosed with breast cancer (dcis) over 6 yrs ago. I declined any of the standard treatments as I don’t believe in them any longer. I have always had a rather clean diet, use local foods whenever possible, etc. I still have a lump in my breast even though I feel super healthy. I have been considering the Curcumin with Serrenzyme. I would love your advice about how to proceed.

I am glad you declined the medical treatment. Some may call you brave but I call you wise. The brave ones are the ones who go ahead and have the unproved slash, burn and poison treatments and put their trust in drug companies that are continually being fined for their fraud and bribery of doctors. Even today I am just reading a full page article in the Sunday Times about the medical scientific fraud.The link to the plan you can look in our database. The diet still needs to be reviewed with me so I can comment on anything that may need adjusting.Just send me a ticket as they are completely private.

ANCA Vasculitis Kidney affected

Can Serrapeptase help ANCA Vasculitis (kidney affected) with severe numbness in the feet and toes and possible nerve damage in feet/toes. I read someone’s question that was similar (vessels blockage) and you recommended another product to take also? I have purchased Serrapeptase 80,000iu.What dosage would you recommend?

This is an auto immune condition and needs an intensive recovery plan to clear it up. Please reply to this ticket for continuing support.Start the SerraEnzyme you have at the rate of 1 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal. Take at the same time as Serranol when it comes.

Blocked Arteries

I am 48 years old and was diagnosed last month with severe blockages in my arteries after an angiogram test. I was advice by my cardio surgeon that my best option is to do the bypass. I am considering alternative treatments and went to see a naturopath doctor today. He told me that i should take “Serrapeptase” but need to check whether it is safe to take alongside my medications: Rosuvastatin, Aspirin, Bisoprolol & Losartan. I wanted to ask you if Serrapeptase is safe for me to take and can help clear out the arterial plaques in my arteries… sparing me of surgery. I have also made a complete lifestyle change starting with a healthy diet since then. Appreciate your insight.

I guess you are asking me as I introduced Serrapeptase, wrote the book on Serrapeptase and have the widest knowledge of hundreds of thousands of users? I am sure your Naturopath Doctor has your best interest at heart but simply relying on Serrapeptase to save your life would be a very dangerous gamble. Yes it is true some have simply taken Serrapeptase and had miraculous results but they are not the majority. My recommendation is a full recovery plan including a really healthy food plan, and the link below will take you to it for your consideration. If you have questions on any part of it then you can simply reply to this email ticket and start a dialogue.

Too much Vitamin K?

I have been doing the program you recommended for me of 2 Vitamin K a day, 3 Curcumin, and 3 Blockbuster (3 times a day on the Blockbuster). I’ve recently read about Vitamin K causing blood clots and stroke if you’re getting too much. I’m older, and this has me worried, especially since I have prophetic dreams on occasion and recently had a dream saying I was in danger of a stroke. Of course, that may have been a meaningless nightmare, but I take such dreams seriously because sometimes my dreams come true.I don’t go to doctors or have insurance and am hoping I can resolve this without going in for some expensive test. The stuff I’ve read says we get lots of vitamin K in leafy green vegetables. Might it be safer for me to just focus on eating plenty of these – maybe a cup or two a day of broccoli or collards or spinach? Or are you certain it’s safe for me to keep taking the 2 Vitamin K supplements every day? I’m not on any medications (since I don’t go to doctors) but have problems like cysts, swollen feet and ankles, and I’m sure plaque in my arteries (because I haven’t followed a good diet most of my life and took calcium supplements). I’m also quite overweight. Might it be a good idea for me to stop the Vitamin K supplements and just do the rest of the regimen you gave me?

Yes you can get lets of Vitamin K in a full spectrum range of leafy green and all you need to do is make sure you do eat them every day (2-4 cups?) and you can drop the Vit K complex.Having said that I have tried to find definitive proof that taking Vitamin K is bad for us and I cannot find any.
It is likely it is just another unscientific story that has been picked up my the medical system and given credibility for their own ends. I take Vit k complex as well as lots of leafy greens per day.