Gravatar_transparente100From a car accident, then Fibromyalgia and back pain, then a shoulder injury.

I suffered for 3 years, and wore a neck brace, but my shoulder was so painful, it nearly drove me over the edge. I tried chiropractic, massage, hot and cold compresses, and all kinds of topical rubbing ointments. I got the HealthPoint electronic acupuncture kit. I had used it for three months and then the results began to be felt.

It was amazing. But Robert Redfern talked me through the workings of the machine until I understood its amazing healing technique on my body. I used it many times a day until the results came. I was healed. That’s all I can say. I never use it much any more, but I have it near if I do need it. I can do most of the things I did before the accident, with the exception of riding horses due to my back surgery.

L.B. Canada