Gravatar_transparente100“I am in my sixties and for years now I have suffered from arthritis of the thumbs to the extent that the pain at times would be such that I would drop things that I was holding. I had previously tried tablets and also diet control, with little success. Having seen acupuncture in operation in China and the benefits gained, HealthPoint seemed a good idea. Almost immediately I got relief and, within days, all pain was gone and movement of my thumbs became normal. As far as I’m concerned I am cured; although I was advised that HealthPoint was not a cure, but could provide relief.

My wife however remained unconvinced, and suffered from what I can only describe as ‘creaky knees’ – you could hear them when they moved, and she was in great pain. One day it was so great that I suggested she let me try the HealthPoint on her. She was amazed at the almost instant relief and now all her ‘creaks’ have gone and she can walk much more easily.

Many thanks to HealthPoint, whose use for a few minutes a day provides us both with great relief.”