HealthPoint is a home acupressure system which has been created to allow you to become a Master of Acupressure, and ‘self-treat’, alongside your usual treatment regimes, without the use of needles!

HealthPoint enables you to:

  • Locate acupuncture points accurately
  • Stimulate those points effectively
  • Help every condition that responds to acupuncture
  • Help most eye conditions using a cotton bud on the points
  • Help stress and anxiety using an ear clip attachment



HealthPoint is effective on over 160 different ailments. It can be used safely and effectively by anyone and for anyone – whether a young baby or a senior citizen – and is also safe for appropriate use on many animals.

As with any medical device, you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner to ensure a correct diagnosis BEFORE carrying out any self-treatment.

What Can HealthPoint Treat?