How Can Microcurrent Stimulation Help Macular Degeneration and Other Eye Diseases

Microcurrent stimulation (or electro-acupuncture) is an exciting development that is now being used to treat Macular Degeneration. Results of initial clinical trials indicate that 70% of patients, with the dry or wet form of Macular Degeneration, will have a significant improvement of vision.  The medical profession increasingly recognises the contribution that can also be made by acupuncture in the relief of many eye complaints. Read more…

Electronic stimulation is a therapy in which a weak electric current is used to stimulate the retina and the diseased macula to restore sight though points known as acupuncture points.

Dr. Merill Allen and Dr. Leland Michael published their preliminary study in 1993, on the rate of development of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) in people using nutritional supplements, and using simultaneous therapy with electronic stimulation.

Dr. John Jarding reported his results in 1997 after treating thirty-five Macular Degeneration patients with a controlled electronic stimulation applied to eight points around the eye – all thirty-five patients reported an improvement in their vision.

HealthPoint, developed over 12 years by a leading British doctor, is designed to provide all the benefits of Microcurrent Stimulation as well as Acupuncture without needles.  It is used by health professionals in many hospitals and is designed to be used safely and effectively by the public for self-treatment.

HealthPoint is effective in treating:

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HealthPoint™ Works in two ways:

  1. HealthPoint™, with it’s unique point location system, enables you to quickly become an expert.
  2. HealthPoint™, then applies electrical pulses to these points enabling you to treat any condition that acupuncture can help.


You will know you are on the correct point when you FEEL a distinct ‘stinging’ sensation. This is nothing to worry about and isn’t ‘painful’. It is an indication that you have reached the correct acupressure point. Mild electric pulses then stimulate these points with the correct use of the HealthPoint instrument.

The effects of this therapy are:

  • An immediate and long lasting relief from at least 60% of the symptoms. And, with continuing therapy;
  • Promotion of healing and tissue regeneration.

This enables you to become an expert almost immediately locating and treating the exact points.








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