Hi, I am Robert Redfern, and together with my wife, Anne, we formed Dove Health came about as a result of our decision to take charge of our own family’s health. Up until 1986 I did not take much notice of my health – in spite of Anne’s loving persuasion. It took the premature death of my parents, Alfred and Margorie, who died in their 60’s, to shock me into evaluating my priorities.

I looked at the whole field of health, available treatments, and the causes of health problems, and found, from doctors researching the causes, that a good lifestyle and a nutritious diet were the most important contributors to optimum health.

Following many months of painstaking research and investigation, my wife and I came to the conclusion that we needed to markedly change these aspects of our lives. By doing so, the improvement to our health was nothing less than remarkable!

As well as good health, we feel and look younger and more energetic than we have for many years – prior to starting this plan. I am now in my 60’s and, together with Anne, I plan to continue to look as youthful as possible and to stay as fit and healthy as possible with continued self-care and effort.

If good health is this easy, why do we suffer from chronic disease?

To answer this, there are many factors that need to be realized…

Health facts of the 20th century:

  • Only 5% of the population die of old age.
  • 95% die from chronic or acute conditions, such as heart disease, which kills around 25% of people between 45 and 65 years.
  • Despite ongoing research, cancer continues to claim more lives than 20 years ago.
  • The incidence of strokes are increasing at an alarming rate, resulting in death or severe disability.
  • Respiratory diseases are also increasing rapidly – even in our young children.
  • Diabetes figures have tripled in the past 30 years.

Other health facts:

  • Bad, or inappropriate lifestyle and diet are the major causes of the majority of modern health problems
  • The food we eat is becoming more and more deficient in nutrients.
  • Alternative Medicine doctors are preventing and curing the above problems, but this isn’t getting much media attention, so people continue to rely on conventional chemical drugs and treatments.

Imagine our anger when we found out that so many chronic and fatal diseases are either preventable or curable, for the majority of people, via the sole use or complementary use of alternative treatments, all of which are well researched and documented. This is especially heart-rending when my parents died from such conditions.

Why then do these diseases continue?

We found that there are many controversial issues that try to hold back the success and public use of alternative and complementary treatments. It is, in no uncertain terms, a kind of ‘conspiracy’ by what is known as the Medical Monopoly. This is a loose grouping of people who control and have a monopoly over medical treatments.

Who are the Medical Monopoly?

Governments of many countries are pressurized into giving a monopoly to orthodox medicine groups. These groups include drug companies and doctors who control the mainstream medical treatment system; also food companies, and regulatory bureaucrats. But, possibly worst of all, many charities that are appealing for our money for the purpose of medical and drug research, are instead just using this money, our money, to ‘boost’ this monopoly and the hold it has over our health choices, and the use of anything natural and safe that may interfere with the gargantuan profits that the release of new drugs provides to company shareholders.

Why are drug companies so afraid of alternative medicines?

Put very simply….profit. There is very little profit in alternative medicine. The treatments are not patentable so there is no monopoly in their manufacture, and hence treatment costs cannot be inflated.

As a contrast, drug companies are of course all about profit, most being privately owned, and so they prefer to concentrate the public’s attention using potential scaremongering tactics on how unregulated natural treatments are (which is untrue), and how dangerous they are to use, especially for self-treatment (again, untrue, especially when this information comes from a sector that wishes us to ‘pump’ chemicals into our bodies in the form of pills, liquids, and injections, that are well known to have many more side effects than any natural remedy could possibly encounter!).

Only if you believe that drug companies should concentrate on profiteering from people’s health, and that there are no alternatives, should you continue to rely solely on conventional medicine. However, we believe the main research into health solutions should be done by universities, and by any person who presents a proposal for a grant from charities and governments, to ensure it remains independent and unbiased. This will also ensure a monopoly cannot be created, by anyone.

Aren’t drugs needed?

Yes, of course. Conventional medicine provides us with many positive medical outcomes, both in techniques and in medicines provided. However, drugs are only needed in exceptional and extreme cases, and, in most cases, only necessary for short-term use to alleviate a person out of any danger. They should not be over-relied upon, used long-term, or be the first port of call for the mildest of symptoms, or the first sole stage of treatment for a condition or disease.  Some conventional treatments currently being used are not even scientifically validated, and yet we still use them because we trust the medical society that tells us to!

Ordinary doctors just do what their training has taught them to do. They find it hard to believe that the very professionals who control their industry would withhold treatments that could actually help people, or would provide simple, effective solutions that do not require expert ‘mystique’.

Are all doctors the same?

But not all doctors are the same, of course. Many now use both systems side by side, with staggering results, and some who have gained more confidence are even turning over to alternative medicine completely.

Where does the food industry come into play?

The food industry contains 2 damaging problems. The first is that the food they produce is contributing to health problems because of the lack of nutrition. Depleted soils for growing crops mean an immediate loss of essential nutrients from source. Follow this with the increase in media encouragement for us to consume fast foods and convenience meals instead of teaching us about nutrients and providing appropriate, and equally tasty(!) alternatives to high fat, high salt junk foods, and the result is that we feel full and satisfied, but our bodies receive almost zero nutritional value. Eating so much low-value foodstuffs also puts great stress and strain on the digestive system, itself leading to chronic disease.

The second problem is the constant tinkering with additives and processing that food manufacturers indulge in to ‘wet our appetite’ even more! So many chemicals, colours, and preservatives being added unnaturally to even simple everyday foods creates its own severe health risks.


On the face of it, it may seem that bureaucrats are simply looking after their own interests. This is true. However, they do not help themselves due to their aggressive reactions towards safe and proven alternative treatments. Many deliberately ignore good solid natural research, and insist on further unnecessary studies that cost more than the whole of the revenue available for treatments (e.g. Homeopathic remedies). There isn’t an honest and proven reason why such a tough stance should be taken on safe natural treatments, and yet such a soft approach to drug treatments that are known to do so much harm.


Except for a few charities, the huge amount of money taken in by medically-based charitable organizations is used for research into drug treatments. This in spite of the considerable research that shows most of the health problems are caused by lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies! A simple change of lifestyle can solve most of the problems that have been developed because of it. Many charities pay only ‘lip service’ to encouraging people to have a better lifestyle. Preference is given to investing fortunes only into drug research, rather than to evenly distribute funds to both the alternative and orthodox systems.

What can Dove Health do?

We set up to promote the ‘Health For Life’ plan that myself and my wife devised for our own family, and which we have been sharing with other people ever since. Ever since our success was replicated by so many people, we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives helping others to get the same benefits we achieved and continue to achieve.

The ‘Health For Life’ plan basically consists of 4 parts:

  • Electro-Acupressure
  • Cleansing and Healing
  • Replenishing the Immune System
  • Regenerating through perfect nutrition.

Electronic Acupressure

Anne introduced me (a born skeptic!) to Electro-Acupressure after successfully treating her father’s arthritic knee with an early basic instrument. After other successes I became convinced of its potential, but recognized that many improvements needed to be made for it to be accurate and effective – even for novice users. I met up with Dr Julian Kenyon of the Centre For The Study of Complementary Medicine in Southampton, England. Dr Kenyon is an acknowledged expert in the field of energy medicine. He is a visiting professor at two USA universities and designed the first ever handheld Electro-Acupressure device back in the early 1980’s.

Together with Dr Kenyon, I developed ‘HealthPoint’, which is now arguably the most accurate and effective Electro-Acupressure device available, at any price. HealthPoint has been used for 5 years in UK hospitals and by many doctors. The results they have reported are phenomenal. Some hospitals and doctors are even using HealthPoint as their primary treatment. However, we are determined that every home should have its own HealthPoint to enable primary self-treatment in the home. Along with essential nutrients needed for everyday health improvement and protection, HealthPoint and our Health For Life plan could help to ensure your return to good health, and your ability to maintain it.

The Health For Life plan was developed from our own experience and successes, which we now share with people around the world. Our vision is that millions will use and succeed in this same 4-step process and achieve optimum natural health.

Can you help?

We need input from people dedicated to health; therapists, doctors, medical professionals, researchers (about treatments and supplements) – in fact, any information that will help us to bypass the monopoly and directly help individuals. If you feel you have something to contribute, please get in touch.