Abdominal Problems

The rectus abdominis are a pair of muscles lying in the wall of the abdomen passing from the pelvis up to the lower edge of the rib cage. These are often strained by over-use in training or possibly due to a direct blow or by lifting heavy objects. Injury may also occur during a sudden, rough movement as would happen in a judo fall.

4 Responses to Abdominal Problems

  • I have been diagnosed with having Gastritis & probably a small hiatal hernia. I notice in your email that the Electroacupressure Pointer is good for Abdominal problems, I have the Pointer – cab you tell me what points to use for stomach?

    Also having knee problems, arthritis.& fibromyalgia with lots of pain – any suggestions?
    I do find that the Pointer does help. I’m thinking of purchasing a couple+ more – is there a discount for volume orders?

    Thanks Robert – Best of Health to you and your family – thanks for all your informative newsletters.

    • Jan,
      Are you following the Video Instruction and the manual instructions? All of the rings are shown there but I can always Skype Video conference with you if you need help.
      For buying more HealthPoint contact the folks at http://www.GoodHealthUSA.com

  • Would Electroacupressure be helpful for allergies? If so, what points? Also any points to boost immune system?


    • Allergies are shown on Page 5.1
      and Immune boosting is on Page 8.2 Immune Deficiency Points

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