HealthPoint Relief For Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Gravatar_transparente100“I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I find the HealthPoint acupressure device very helpful. I have had arthritis from the age of 12 and now for the past 4 years have developed fibromyalgia. However, with alternative treatment and supplements, I am still keeping active at age 72 and manage a large house and 1 acre of garden very well, by spacing out my energy sensibly.”

– Pamela A.

Treatment for Bunions and Dupuytren’s Contracture

Gravatar_transparente100“Dear Robert

I am using Healthpoint to treat a bunion and am encouraged by the results in terms of pain reduction. I also have another condition in my right hand called Dupuytren’s Contracture, which I am keen to treat as it is advancing. ”

– Les E.

Reduced Swelling After Knee Surgery

Gravatar_transparente100“I really like your product it came in very handy after my knee surgery and after I had a series of needle accupuncture treatments on my knee to reduce the swelling.”

– John

Relief for Nausea and Pain Caused by Fibromyalgia, Knee Pain, Backache and Headaches

Gravatar_transparente100“Within 5 minutes my head was feeling much better and I was able to eat lunch. I had put up with nausea and pain for 10 years and so this began my love for and dedication to the HealthPoint. I still have the same one [14 years later]. Why do I have such a love affair with my HealthPoint? Because it NEVER lets me down, it always performs.”

–          Lorna G, United States

Pain Relief for Planters Fasciitis, known as ‘Heel Spur’

Gravatar_transparente100“For at least three months, I had been suffering from what I was told is a condition known as Planters Fasciitis, commonly known as a “heel spur.” This might sound trivial to most, but I assure you that to me it was not. I was nearly incapacitated at times and felt more like 100 years old rather than 50 years old. Because of the pain, I grew accustomed to walking on the toes of my right foot.

I had tried pain killers and special pads to help cushion my walk. While both helped the pain somewhat, it was not getting any better. Robert Redfern recommended that I get the HealthPoint machine, which I did.

I was familiar with the concept regarding acupuncture, but I was a bit skeptical that the HealthPoint machine would really help. I received the machine and put it in the other room while I continued my work. Later on, when I took a break, I limped slowly over and opened it up. Being a typical male, I scanned the directions and began to locate and to stimulate the points that it recommended for this condition. What happened next amazed me. After only about ten minutes of playing with this machine, I put my foot down and stood up. To my amazement, the pain had nearly gone, and it felt kind of like what happens when a headache goes away. I used the machine later that day and the next day. I just had to let Robert know that this was for real. He joked with me that it really took ten minutes to do it and proceeded to tell me of others who have had similar results.

Update: I continue once or twice a day to treat the points, but I have NO pain, and I have learned to walk on my heel again. Yesterday, I played some mean basketball and volleyball without any pain in my right foot. I have also tried this on others for knee pain. They have seen similar results also from the very first treatment.

All I can say is: God bless you all for this wonderful machine. It is nice to walk like a normal person again!

– RA

I suffered from a Herniated Ruptured Disc for 16 years

Gravatar_transparente100I tried going to a chiropractor, bed rest, and no activity. After getting my back realigned, I was still in pain, until I used the HealthPoint. I felt relief immediately. I was in awful pain when the HealthPoint arrived. I used it and went to bed and slept as if I had never had back trouble.

I get immediate relief every time I use it. Now, I use it to help back pain, foot pain, sinus, and bursitis. I can now move free of pain, enjoy life, and enjoy associations with people. I would not leave home without it.”


I suffered a neck injury…

Gravatar_transparente100From a car accident, then Fibromyalgia and back pain, then a shoulder injury.

I suffered for 3 years, and wore a neck brace, but my shoulder was so painful, it nearly drove me over the edge. I tried chiropractic, massage, hot and cold compresses, and all kinds of topical rubbing ointments. I got the HealthPoint electronic acupuncture kit. I had used it for three months and then the results began to be felt.

It was amazing. But Robert Redfern talked me through the workings of the machine until I understood its amazing healing technique on my body. I used it many times a day until the results came. I was healed. That’s all I can say. I never use it much any more, but I have it near if I do need it. I can do most of the things I did before the accident, with the exception of riding horses due to my back surgery.

L.B. Canada

My name is Jason.

Gravatar_transparente100I was extremely fortunate and lucky to purchase a HealthPoint. I had had M.E. by then for 5 years Apart from the obvious symptoms associated with M.E. I suffered with a constant painful stitch in my liver and the general feeling of having 1,000 knots inside me. I got home and tried it out straight away, the stitch went immediately…

I can’t tell you the relief after so long. It came back the next day but I continued to work on it and over a month I removed it for good along with all the ‘knots’. Since then, I have nearly recovered a couple of times but not quite, but it has certainly been fundamental in putting me in with a shout. Also my mother dislocated her knee, so I lent it to her and it was the fastest pain free recovery from it she’d had – as it had happened a few times. As for my son, he became fatigued after a course of antibiotics (which I was against), the alarm bells rung as his mouth filled with fungus and his tummy bloated.

I immediately went to work with the HealthPoint and within 3 weeks he was not only fully recovered but his long-standing speech difficulties and verrucas had also gone; I was so pleased :) . It’s a truly amazing device and I will never be without one. Thank you for taking the time to read this, best wishes and keep up the good work.


Dear Friend:

Gravatar_transparente100Even though I had my usual migraine headache I was committed to go to my sister’s Congress. I believe it was April 1993. Then after listening to a gentleman with a captivating English accent describe a small hand-held device that would do so many wonderful things to take away pain, I was so impressed that I met him at the door and said, “If you can take this pain away, I’ll buy that thing right now.” My husband gave me a look that meant, “I can’t believe what you just said. We don’t have any money.”

Within 5 minutes my head was feeling much better and I was able to eat lunch. I had put up with nausea and pain for 10 years and so this began my love for, and dedication to, the HealthPoint. I still have the same one [14 years later], though I’ve had it repaired twice, because of daily use. I have sold over 200 of them and never regretted one moment of my effort. I have had help from that little hand-held device with fibromyalgia, knee pain, back ache and all the ailments that come with living.

Our son passed away on Jan. 29th, and since then I have had high blood pressure and anxiety After studying my manual, I am getting my ear clips (they also are available) out each day and wearing the Healthpoint in my pocket. Why do I have such a love affair with my HealthPoint? Because it NEVER lets me down, it always performs. I don’t have to feed it, walk it or clean up after it, just give it a new battery once in a while. WITH SINCERE GRATITUDE.