Gravatar_transparente100I was extremely fortunate and lucky to purchase a HealthPoint. I had had M.E. by then for 5 years Apart from the obvious symptoms associated with M.E. I suffered with a constant painful stitch in my liver and the general feeling of having 1,000 knots inside me. I got home and tried it out straight away, the stitch went immediately…

I can’t tell you the relief after so long. It came back the next day but I continued to work on it and over a month I removed it for good along with all the ‘knots’. Since then, I have nearly recovered a couple of times but not quite, but it has certainly been fundamental in putting me in with a shout. Also my mother dislocated her knee, so I lent it to her and it was the fastest pain free recovery from it she’d had – as it had happened a few times. As for my son, he became fatigued after a course of antibiotics (which I was against), the alarm bells rung as his mouth filled with fungus and his tummy bloated.

I immediately went to work with the HealthPoint and within 3 weeks he was not only fully recovered but his long-standing speech difficulties and verrucas had also gone; I was so pleased :) . It’s a truly amazing device and I will never be without one. Thank you for taking the time to read this, best wishes and keep up the good work.